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The INNAV website is one way used to provide pertinent information on marine traffic to MCTS (Marine Communications and Traffic Services) clients and partners.

In Canada, the VTMIS (Vessel Traffic Management Information System) is identified by the acronym INNAV. VTMIS-INNAV is a system used mainly by MCTS operational centres. Those centres are located all across Canada and cover all navigable waterways.

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What information is available?

It is primarily CCG (Canadian Coast Guard) marine traffic management centres that make information available on this site. Those centres provide services for all navigable Canadian waterways accessible to commercial and government vessels. Information is generally limited to participating vessels, i.e. vessels that must comply with marine traffic regulations in Canada. The area affected by those regulations can extend to up to 24 hours before vessels enter Canadian waters.

For safety, security and other reasons, some vessels may not appear on the INNAV website. Also, depending on the rights you have been granted, certain groups or types of information will not be accessible to you.

Here is a summary of the main kinds of information available on this site.

  • Marine traffic currently active in Canada, including regulated vessels located in zones that can be extend up to 24 hours before their entry into Canadian waters.
  • Vessels’ current position, origin, destination, estimated arrival time, passage times at specific points, source position, etc.
  • Vessels’ characteristics.
  • Detailed itineraries.
  • Detailed movement reports.
  • Arrival/departure histories.
  • Traffic histories.
  • Transit forecasts at pilot boarding points.
  • Traffic forecasts.
  • Vessel positions on marine chart, satellite and relief backgrounds. Include speed, source position, etc.
  • Search for places near or on navigable waterways.
  • Traffic statistics.
  • Various reference documents.

Filtering and sorting tools are available to help you perform searches more easily based on your specific needs.